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For Past Students:
Continue with Live Coaching in the Website Creation Workshop
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christina-circle-headshot Have you ever wondered how other people have such great looking websites, but you secretly suspect they aren’t any smarter than you are? Well guess what… you’re RIGHT!

 – Christina Hills – The Website Creation Workshop


Special Registration Page for Existing Students

This page is ONLY for people who have previously purchased the Website Creation Workshop.

If you would like to go through the Website Creation Workshop and come to the live calls again with my coaches and I, you can sign up now for a limited time. This is continued live coaching of what you already got in the Website Creation Workshop program. This is PERFECT for people who want to start fresh, and get the weekly hand holding of the live calls with my coaches and I. This is NOT an advanced course, or a place to ask advanced questions. This is a start from scratch at the beginning and learn.

IMPORTANT: Since this is a complimentary retake you will NOT receive a new student project. If you currently have a student project, your current expiration date will not be extended and it will expire on it’s original date.

“The site I created is miles ahead of what I was able to create on my own.”

Shannon Crossman

“Check out the latest re-brand of my site… I just keep getting better and better at this stuff! Thank you so much for how you teach what you teach which makes it all so much more comprehensible. And sort of blows the doors off what’s possible   🙂 “

Shannon Crossman
Life Transformation Coach

Let Me Take You By The Hand
and Be Your Guide…

…in the Website Creation Workshop!

It’s a life-changing solution to help you finally make your dreams of online success real…

…freeing you from spending hours staring at your computer screen until your eyes bleed trying to figure out WordPress…

…and stop you from burning up thousands of dollars on web developers who are slow and talk down to you.

You’ll finally get the keys to becoming one of those prolific marketers, envied by her competitors…

…for whom online success is the simple application of a few obvious steps.

It Doesn’t Matter How Tech-Phobic or Tech-Savvy You Are Right Now…

I do not care if you are…

  • Smart and college educated, but this computer stuff baffles you…
  • A just-starting-out soloprenuer working from home in need of a mentor…
  • Or an established business owner fed up with paying and waiting on slow web developers who can’t get your stuff done on time at a decent price.

It just doesn’t matter what situation you are in right now.

What I have for you is a way to quickly cut through the techno-fog and learn my intuitive and step-by-step method for quickly and easily producing any website you need to grow your business.

“Christina really makes sure you have all that you need to succeed!”

theresa-p-smith-150“Christina’s Website Creation Workshop is an invaluable program that has enabled me to not only create my own website, but also to create websites for others. The program is full of many valuable resources and information.”

Theresa P. Smith Spiritual Counselor & Healer

Here’s How the Website Creation Workshop
Live Coaching Program Works…

enroll now graphic with Christina holding a sign

The Website Creation Workshop is much more than just a few videos slapped together and put up online…

It’s a live training program, that includes 10 live training webinars, where I help you create your own beautiful website, step-by-step.

Each week, I will give you a set of simple and easy to follow video tutorials about things like “How to Create a Page in WordPress” and “How to Add Video to Your Website”…

Then you follow along, doing the simple activities I suggest…

…and you bring your questions to the live coaching calls and webinars my coaches and I will have together with you…

…and in a few short weeks, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is for you – yes YOU – to…


Create Whatever Kind of Website You Want

Coaching Websites

Consulting Websites

Speaker Websites

Financial, Legal, and Professional Websites

Author & Book Websites

Mind, Body & Spirit Websites

Health and Wellness Websites

Socially Conscious Websites

Website Creation Workshop

Let me guide you step by step…

…through these easy to understand trainings. You will be amazed at how easy it is to create your own beautiful website. You may have questions along the way, and that’s great. Bring them to the live coaching webinars and my coaches and I will answer them for you.

Fast and Easy Web Pages

Here you’ll create the first pages for your new website! You’ll be excited at how easy this is for you. Use your favorite fonts, bolding, and other styles just like in Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. When you’re done, you’ll have a basic 5-page website that you created yourself!

Blogs Keep Them Coming

Bring people back to your site with interesting blog posts. You’ll build trust and familiarity over time. And you’ll reach more people by sharing your posts on Facebook and Twitter. When you are done here, you’ll be able to quickly create blog posts that are as simple or as fancy as you want.

Menus & Site Organization

People stay longer and buy more stuff on a site that is easy to click around. Here you’ll create menus that quickly get people to what’s important on your website. That means more email opt-ins and more customers for you.

Adding Life with Pictures

Photos and images bring emotion and impact to your words. You don’t need to be a photographer or Photoshop pro to add great looking images to your site. Here you’ll learn easy and low-cost ways to add great looking images to your website.

Adding Fun with Plugins

Plugins are like Apps for your WordPress site. They are one of the things that make WordPress so great. There are literally thousands of free plugins available for things like social media sharing, backups, appointment booking and even adding falling snow to your site!

Good Design Attracts

Your website is often the first impression you make with a customer. You want it to look great and present the best “you” possible. Here you’ll learn about pre-packaged design themes for WordPress. You’re gonna be thrilled at how easy it is to give your site the attractive and professional looking design you want.

Adding Your Content

This module will help you in the writing process and knowing what essential web copy you need for your website: which pages you need, help with getting your bio written for your about us page, how to think about your site’s keywords as you are writing your content, and your overall strategy for converting your potential visitors into clients.

Manage Your Website

In this module we cover how to keep your WordPress software, themes and plugins up to date, the basics of keeping your site secure, how to do backups, how to add assistants and staff as users, and more tips on managing your website without needing to hire anyone.

Move Into Your Home

In this module you will learn the big picture overview of web hosting and creating any new website with WordPress. You will get the knowledge you need without a whole bunch of tech jargon, to know the strategy behind installing your website on your own hosting.

Plus You Will Also Learn How to…

Add Video to Your Site

Videos add life to any site. In this course you’ll add YouTube videos to your WordPress site.

Add Audio to Your Site

Audio is another way to liven up your site. In this program you will learn how to add audio to your site.

Backup Your Site

Why pay someone else, when it’s easy to backup and maintain your site yourself! You’ll learn how in the course.

Plus More Goodies Inside

And lots more goodies and tips inside the course that any non-techie person can do. Even you!

Here is How We’ll Do it…

Group Coaching Webinars

Live training and Q+A webinars with Christina Hills and her coaches where you listen in and get your questions answered.

Quick Video Lessons

Online Video Training Lessons, where Christina shows you step-by-step, how to create your website.


Step-by-Step Guides

Step-by-step assignments that go along with each video topic and get you quickly into creating your website and its content in small, bite-size action chunks.

Creativity Included

You’ll be writing and creating your own fun and creative content to put into your new website as you progress through the Website Creation Workshop.

Meet Your WordPress Website Teacher!

Christina Hills is an expert in simple solutions for WordPress websites and is the creator of the long running Website Creation Workshop Program for non-technical business owners.

Since 2008, Christina has helped 3,825 independent experts and professionals create their own websites in WordPress.

She is a 12 year online marketing veteran and a former special effects movie animator, with film credits from George Lucas for Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and ET.

She is also a wife and mother and lives with her family in San Diego, California.

And You’ll Get This Bonus…

BONUS: Private Facebook Group

When building a website, or doing anything creative, it’s nice to have others to bounce ideas off of, share what you are doing with your business, and see what others are doing.

That’s what happens in the Website Creation Workshop private Facebook group!

Find a buddy, ask questions, and just plain mingle while you are building your WordPress website.  Christina Hills and her team will be answering questions in the Facebook group and on the live webinars during the live webinar portion of the program.

“Even the most ‘computer-challenged’ will find this course easy to follow”

Suzanne-Stengl-150x150“I love being in control of my site. I love being able to make changes whenever an idea strikes me. If you want your own website and you want to be able to manage it yourself, I highly recommend Christina’s Website Creation Workshop.”

Suzanne Stengl Mystery & Romance Author

Non Refundable Registration

Your Enrollment in the “Website Creation Workshop” is Non Refundable.

Since you have already been through the Website Creation Workshop before, this Discount “Retake” enrollment fee is non refundable. -Christina Hills, Your Teacher and Coach for WordPress

Client Success Stories

Spiritual Creation Coach

“I owe the successful online business I have now to the training I had with Christina Hills. She helped me break through my technological barriers by leading me step-by-step!”

-Lisa Michaels

Speaker and Business Consultant

“Christina’s teaching style is really easy to follow. She has a gift for teaching you how to connect the dots and build an online footprint that makes you money. She really knows her stuff and has a heart that matches.”

-Marquesa Pettway

Business Development Coach

“The absolute greatest thing about your course is that I took my time with it and as I discovered what I can do my confidence soared along with my understanding of the technical aspects of it.”

-Marty Marsh

Performing Artist

“Hands down, choosing Christina Hills as my WordPress mentor has been the wisest investment I have made in myself and for my business. Her course is easily worth double the price.”

– Kathleen Gubitosi

Senior Consultant

“During her classes, and coaching sessions she never leaves a job half done. But most important of all, she has assembled a team that ensures the needs of her students are being met in a timely matter.”

-Bill Blake

Speaker and Best-Selling Author

“I also built a book site and a very active securities trading site which I run with my husband… Thanks for everything Christina!”

-Camille Gaines

“The greatest gift is that now I feel confident in my ability to create a website”

theresa-ceniccola-150“As a coach and consultant, I work with webmasters all the time and I have always been frustrated by the feeling of not having control over the website. Now I feel comfortable building my own sites in WordPress and hiring a VA (or another expert) to help with some of the more technical aspects when I need it. I realize we’ve been paying WAY TOO MUCH for websites and getting WAY TOO LITTLE in return.”

Theresa Ceniccola Christian Mompreneur Coach

Website Creation Workshop PRIORITY Reservation Form

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YES! I Want To Attend The Website Creation Workshop Class

Christina, please reserve my seat for me. I want to learn online from the comfort of my own home without any travel expenses. I understand it’s an online course with 8 weeks of group coaching via webinars and a Facebook group and I have 12 months to access the website and to go through the online training program at my own pace. I understand that since I am receiving a complimentary seat, I will NOT receive a new student project. If I currently have a student project, my current expiration date will not be extended and it will expire on it’s original date. I understand I will learn the WordPress website building and marketing techniques that you have put together to teach me during the 8 live calls and that not you nor anyone else has made any income promises to me and that my income is dependent solely on my own efforts and that of my business.

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