How to Book Clients Online with Christina Hills

Let your clients automatically book appointments from your website if you do client work, then you know how much time it takes to book appointments with them. Either you or your assistant have to go back and forth in email (or by voicemail) trying to find a time that works for both of you. Now you can eliminate all that back and forth wasted time by letting clients book their own appointments directly onto your personal appointment calendar!

Booking Your Clients Online Training (44 min)


In this video presentation, Christina Hills goes through the main content training of how to book your clients online  (44 min)

Download the Booking Clients Online Presentation Here

Q & A Following the Presentation (46 min)


In this Q&A session following the live presentation, Christina Hills answers student’s questions (46 min)

Download the Booking Clients Online Q&A Here

Calendly Demo Notes:

There is a plugin that goes with the Calendly software that you can use to embed the code on a page.

Just use the shortcode from the page as that is easier than using the settings from the plugin. Note you do NOT need to use the API Key to make the plugin work.

She will demo adding it to this site:


There are 4 ways to embed your calendar in calendly:

1) embed code on a page (with Divi this would be easy with the code module)
2) floating button widget on lower right
3) link to the calendly page as you would any other external link. example:
4) plugin with the inline button – (Note the floating button does not work well)
calendly embedding`
other references of test sites:


Booking Clients Online Course Book / Checklist and Transcript Download

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Download the Booking Clients Online Course Book and Checklist PDF Guide Here

Download the Booking Clients Online Transcript PDF Guide Here

Click above on the link to get the handout.

Note: Study Guides are provided in .pdf format. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin to view these files. You can download it for free HERE or by clicking on the pdf icon.

Supplemental Training: How to Embed Calendly In Your WordPress Website

Description: In this video clip from a live coaching webinar, Christina Hills demonstrates how to embed calendly into your website (25 min)


Bonus Training: How to Use the Free Tool Google Calendar for Your Biz and Personal Life

In this bonus training you will learn how to use Google Calendar for your personal live and or business. You’ll learn how to get a Google Calendar account, and how to add events to your calendar. You’ll also learn how to view your calendar in different views and how to invite someone to an event. You’ll learn how to create public calendars and how to add them to your website if you choose. This is great for consultants, coaches, massage therapists – anyone who wants to have an online calendar. It’s a pre-training for scheduling your clients