Winter 2019 Webinar Links

Founder, Program Director, and Instructor of the Wildheart Nature School
Amara Dreamer

Vacation Rental Business Owner
Beth Reichert

Law of Attraction Coach
Willow Curthoys

Susan Alexander

Holistic Weight Loss Coach
Laure Carter

Eating Psychology Coach / Mind Body Nutrition Coach
Lynne Bowsher

Award-winning business woman, performing artist, music educator, voice strategist and metaphysical practitioner
Kathleen Gubitosi

Mona Salminen

Adriana Secretario built this site for her husband who is a
Personal Energy & Performance Coach

Debra Delozier

Women’s Coach and Therapist
Taira Restar

Virtual Assistant
Michelle Micheals

Environmental Consulting Engineer
Christopher White

Executive Coach and Consultant
Dr. Susan Meyer

Public speaker, Author and Donate Life Ambassador for Donor Network West
Kelly Boyette

Nanci Rathbun

Clinical Aromatherapist
Kim Depa

Julie Schofield

Counselor, Psychologist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Dr. Veronica Marchese

Success Coach
Donna DeNomme

Life Architect and Published Author
Dr. Susan Meyer

Food Educator
Zea Shimahara

Rebecca Irey

Social Media Consultant, Manager, and Trainer
JoAnn Toporski

Parent Mentor, Speaker & Advocate
Cynthia Singleton

Certified Practitioner of The Quick Pulse, BodyTalk, Hypnotherapy, and Coaching
Kristen Hope

Health Coach
Kimberly Tien

Rainforest Eco-retreat
Davis Azofeifa & Meghan Casey

Completing Things
Lleslle Schroeder

Executive Coach
Tomas Nani

Weight Loss & Health Coach
Luisa Bruzga