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Free Sample PDF Download: “Creating Your WordPress Design & Layout”
When creating your website with WordPress, there are some basics of Design and Layout, that you the business owner needs to understand to create a beautiful website that works for you! In this Sample Lesson from the Website Creation Workshop program, Christina Hills explains with lots of colorful visuals, the differences between a theme and a template, the definition of a WordPress theme, the differences between “Pages and Posts” and more!

Make sure you download the audio files and the PDF handout so that you can follow along while you listen to the recording. Here’s what’s included:

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  • The WordPress “Theme”: Design and Finding a Theme for Your Website
  • How you can use WordPress to publish your Newsletter, instead of using the “Blog”
  • The Difference Between Using “Pages” vs. “Posts” in WordPress
  • What are the “Sidebars” (a.k.a. Widgets)
  • The Difference Between a “Theme” and a “Template”
  • Your Website Design, Layout, and Sidebars
  • Your “Header Graphic” vs. “An Image in the Page/Post” vs. An “Image in the Sidebar”[/green_tick_2_list][membership_downloads_box title=”PDF Handout and Audio Files”]You may need to right-click the following links and select Save Link As to download the file to your computer

[membership_download_item_pdf link=”” + target=”_blank”]Click Here to Download or Print the PDF Handout[/membership_download_item_pdf] Listen to the Replay of the Call Here: Part 1 is the content going through the handout, Part 2 is the Question and Answer Click on the player below to listen to the call. You can scroll back and forth as well by putting your cursor in the player and dragging.
Audio Content is Here:

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[membership_download_item_audio link=”″ + target=”_self”]Right Click Here to Download the Audio File for the Content[/membership_download_item_audio] Questions and Answers below:


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