Fundamentals – Webinar Info

freewebinar-onlinemarketingWebinar Info for The Fundamentals of Online Marketing

During this free 60 minute webinar, I will be using lots of pictures to help you achieve a true understanding of how marketing and making money on the internet really works. I’ll be showing you…

  • How selling works online, including how money gets from the buyer through the murky cloud of shopping carts, gateways, merchant accounts and into your bank account
  • How email marketing works where you build a list of potential customers to email your offers to
  • How social media works to bring new visitors to an online business to start a relationship with them
  • How websites and webpages are architected and interlinked to enable relationship building and buying and selling online

When you know how something works, it becomes much easier for you to execute it!


And, once I show you how business works online, you’ll be much better able to strategize how YOU can create a create a successful business online too.

Christina Hills is the creator of the Website Creation Workshop where she helps non-techie authors, experts, coaches, consultants, and speakers get their message out to the world by showing them how to easily create their own websites in WordPress. Christina is a 10 year online marketing veteran and a former special effects movie animator, with film credits from George Lucas for Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and ET. She is also a wife and mother and lives near the beach with her family in San Diego, California.