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“Do-it-Yourself Website Creation Checklist”

When creating a brand new website, many business owners get confused with various components, not knowing what web pages should be included (and what pages are not necessary) for the site to be effective. This easy-to-follow checklist will help you understand the essential elements of a website so that you can build a website that attracts clients in the most efficient way.

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“The Essential Website Road Map for Non-Techies”

Many people start building a website without enough planning, causing the entire process to take longer and leaving you feeling frustrated. By going through this Website Road Map and watching the training video, you will have a much clearer idea on what needs to be done before actually building a website in the most effective way possible.

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“The Big Picture Overview of Creating an Online Business”

It is hard to start an online business without understanding how it works!  I see so many people who want to start an online business but they don’t understand the basics / big picture and it causes them to spend more time and more money getting started. By watching this masterclass and downloading the PDF, you will get the big picture overview of how an online business works (including email marketing, selling online, social media etc) along with some valuable resources.

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